I was born into the world of wine at my family home,
the Marcato winery in the Veneto region
of Northern Italy.
After many years of working alongside with my family
I enrolled at the University of Milan
to study Winemaking and Viticulture.
My time at University was supported by some time
working as an apprentice to help gain experience
in the career I was working towards.
In 2001, I spent 3 months at Wente Vineyards
in Livermore, California.
Following this, I spent 3 months in Australia
at Wynns Winery in Coonawarra.


After graduating in 2003, I became the Chief Winemaker
at Marcato which was the start of Marcato wines
making an appearance in the International market.
In the meantime I also still wanted to share my skills
in winemaking and marketing so I spent over 3 years
working with Issyk winery in Kazakhstan with the aim
to train and rebuild the reputation
this winery had in the past.
Nowdays they are considered to be the best winery in Kazakhstan.
No long ago at the end 2014
I stopped my cooperation with Marcato in RoncĂ 
and here when I start to plan the project
for my new step in my carrier of winemaker:


A project I always had in mind
and here I am launching it in 2016 with a new concept,
a new vision of what wines can be.
So I have take all the wines brands I have created since 2004
and grouped in this new company which soon will showcase
the authentic roots and tradition of my region.