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A selection of the most known VARIETY of Italy
from the northern to the southern point of the Italian peninsula.
All wines are affordable and approachable in taste and profile.
An ideal range of wines for the purposes
satisfy the house selection or the by the glass from Italy
It is a range of wines from the traditional regions
of Soave and Monti Lessini.
The leading white grape used for producing Soave is
Garganega and Monti Lessini is Durello, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.
Throughout many different projects and challenges,
Enricos’ focus has remained on his roots terroir
and the desire to share it with the world.
I Prandi wines are produced from grapes
grown in the basaltic soil of the Lessini Hills
with a high standard and reflect the taste of their origin.
Delle Venezie and Colli Berici areas to produce
the most antique but now also international wines of Veneto.
The leading white grape used for producing Delle Venezie
is Pinot Grigio and for Colli Berici is Cabernet Franc.
Gravellous soils for Delle Venezie
and the authentic red-soil of Colli Berici
from where we select the a highest standard
of grapes and wine that reflects
the taste of their area of origin.
A project crafted by the Enrico Marcato in 2012
and now continued in collaboration with Mirko Sella
to make of their passion a duel of different grapes
and winemaking techniques.
DUO is crafted from the best grapes
using the APPASSIMENTO technique.